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Light Steel Framing Construction

Solar Products and More is a manufacturer and distributor of prefabricated green houses, with high quality American standards.

We have a trained and professional team that guarantees to provide our customers with extremely comfortable products and pleasant services.

Why choose Light Steel?

Light Steel Framing Construction System, also known as light steel frame house, its main material is light steel keel made of hot dip galvanized steel strips by cold rolling technology . All parts are manufactured according to the requirements of the customer's construction drawing .

Light steel houses have the following advantages:
1. First grade earthquake resistant structures.
2. Respectful with the environment.
3. Sustainable structures.
4. Flexible and lightweight structures.
5. They are used in all kinds of weather conditions.
6. Stainless, non-deformable and durable.

Design and structure

1. All steel cloth parts and the size of the prefab house can be made according to customers' requirements:
2. The prefab house is low cost, durable structure, convenient relocation and environmental protection,
3 The prefab material is lightweight and easy to install. It takes 1-3 days for five workers to finish the installation of a 50-square-meter house.
4. All the materials of the prefabricated house can be used in cycle, meeting the environmental protection requirements in the world. Special is in the large-scale housing projects in the developed region.
5. We use high quality galvanized sheet and foam as wall and roof materials, so the prefab house is good for fireproofing, waterproofing, etc.


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