Why choose us?

Strategic location

We are located in Miami Florida, a strategic business point and close to the Caribbean, Central and South America.


Our guarantees and quality standards are governed by American standards, backed by international quality certifications.

On time

We have excellent delivery times without delays

About Us

We are a manufacturer and distributor of equipment and systems that operate with solar energy. We contribute to the preservation of the planet with high performance products, seeking leadership in the renewable energy environment at a global level.


Invest in innovation to be in a privileged place in new technologies that allow reducing investment costs in solar and thermal plants.


Contribute to the planet by manufacturing high-performance solar products. Implement and streamline solar energy globally in the photovoltaic and thermal area, seeking leadership in the renewable energy environment.


Advantages and benefits

when buying with us

Variety of products

We have a wide variety of products related to photovoltaic solar energy.

Quality and

All our products are of high quality and guaranteed under international standards.

Reliable purchase process

You make your final payment until the product is in the port, verified through the BL document.


They are executed in short times and without additional costs, sent from our fiscal warehouses in Panama.

The environment is first

The solar products we make are kind to the environment especially solar panels. Solar cells do not release any pollutants into the air and atmosphere, contrary to fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gases.
All our solar systems are silent so there is no noise or acoustic pollution.

Solar Products and More

We innovate in solar energy technology for the benefit of our planet.

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